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Gone but not Forgotten

Cats in Care and Departed

Cat                         Arrival/Passing

Soho                           2013
Chester                      2013/2017
Casey                         2013/2014
Lucille                        2014/2017
Bella                          2013/2019

Moss                         2014

Bethany                    2014
Tina                           2014/2015

Jessie                         2015/2016

Earl                            2015/2018
Moo                           2015/2016

Bucky                        2015/2015

Bonnie                      2015/2015

Gummy                    2015/2016

Emmett                    2015/2018
Skippy                      2015/2017

Parker                      2016/2019
Moses                      2016
Little One                2017
Charlie                     2017/2017
Elsie                         2017
Sparrow                  2017

Jack                          2018/2018

Donations in Memoriam

Have you lost a loved one or know somebody else that has?

Making a donation in behalf of that special cat, kitten, spouse, friend or loved one will not only help us to continue caring for the cats in our shelter, but it will be beneficial to you and your loved ones as well.   

Your donation is tax deductible (refer to current tax laws for eligibility) and it will honor the memory of that special person or furry friend.

When you make a donation in memory of someone, we will send a letter of condolence to the family letting them know about your generosity.

Donating in memoriam is easy!

To donate via PayPal, click on the Make a Memorial Donation button and fill out the Memorial Donation Form below. 

If  you have any questions, please feel free to call us 207-625-3377.

Memorial Donation Form

Thank you for your donation!

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Thank you for your generous donation!